"As an older student I was concerned that learning to play the piano would be an arduous experience.  But with Mary's kind, firm guidance, I've progressed very well: in just four years I'm playing original Beethoven and Chopin pieces - well beyond what I imagined when I began.  I recommend Mary without reservation.  I'm sure you will be both pleased and delighted with the talent she can impart to you." - Kathleen R., Adult student

"In the past two years that Mary has taught me, I've learned so much. I started at a primer level (beginner level), and am now at level 2! I've really had so much fun and I cannot wait to advance with her as the future progresses!" - Fara O., 6th grade, age 10

"Taking lessons with Mary has been an amazing overall experience for me.  Not only do we have fun while working on whatever the task may be, but we get tons of work done with her various learning techniques.  She has not only done the job of being my piano teacher, but she has re-sparked my love of music in general and inspires me as a musician." - Elizabeth R., 10th grade, age 15

"Mary Chobrda is a very accomplished pianist.  Her enthusiasm and desire to share her gift motivates her students.  She is patient and encouraging.  Mary is reliable and takes her work seriously." - Martha C., Adult student

"I would recommend piano to a friend in piano class.  I learn how to play songs.  I do exercises that help me play better." - Koye O., 2nd grade, age 8

"Mary Chobrda possesses teaching values that inspire students to want to continue learning how to play.  She prepares her students classical music as well as contemporary; providing space to learn and still enjoy them music.  Mary is flexible with her time as well, and can usually work around my schedule.  She is hard working and dedicated, which motivates me and other students to keep practicing as much as we can.  Mary is also very understanding.  If I were to have a lot of tasks to do before our next lessons and couldn't complete the music assignment, Mary recognizes that and is keen on that our school education comes first.  As a student, I have progressed more in one year with Mary than I had in five years with other teachers.  She provides a learning environment that is both fun and constructive.  When Mary is not punctual with time, she makes it up so that none is lost by the end of the month.  She is very organized and positive, always pushing us to go at our own pace one step at a time.  I am very happy with her as my piano mentor." - Ana E., 10th grade, age 14