Invoicing & Fees

Weekly Individual Lesson Fees:

- 30 minute lesson: (ages 4 and up): $20/lesson ($80/mo. in a typical 4-week month)

- If the month has only 3 Fridays, the total for that month would only be $60. 

- If the month has 5 Fridays, the total for that month would come out to $100.

- Speak to Mary if you wish for you/your child to have a longer lesson!

Invoicing Information:

- Weekly invoicing will be sent to you as both a lesson reminder and payment reminder.

- Lesson fees are paid in (exact) cash and are due at the time of the lesson.

- Payments may be made on a weekly, per-lesson basis.

- Fees may be paid online via PayPal if lessons are arranged via FaceTime or Skype.

- Lesson cancellation fees are due at the next week's lesson. (Please see our cancellation policy and fees for more information)