Cancellation Policies

Studio Cancellation Policy:

- As a courtesy, it is ideal to provide 24 hours notice when needing to cancel a lesson. Make-up lessons will not be provided, and you will not be charged. 

- However, cancelling less than 24 hours prior will incur an additional fee equivalent to "time and a half." What this means is that you will be charged $30 per lesson the following week, rather than the usual $20/lesson.

- Note: this cancellation fee is 50% less than your usual weekly fee. I implement this additional fee to help discourage cancellations, as well as honor the time that I have set aside for the student. Any doctors' or dentists' offices would also require payment for a "no show." Again, you are not being required to pay for the full lesson if you miss, but rather only 50% of the cost. (Please see below for further information for weather/illness cancellations!)

- *A final thought regarding this matter: please know of the studio's flexibility regarding the need to cancel due to serious events such as hospitalization or death in the family.*

- Please feel free to reach out to me if  you wish to discuss this policy further.

Inclement Weather/Illness Cancellation Policy:


- In times of illness or inclement weather, lessons will still be held via Skype or FaceTime. 

-*Please note that such arrangements will be made at the discretion of the studio owner (Mary), and may not coincide with the local school's dismissal schedule.*

- I have found this arrangement to be very effective, with lessons still remaining productive!   

- Giving ourselves the opportunity to have lessons "virtually," helps remove most reasons for cancellations. It's extremely important for students to have consistent lessons. This dedication leads to a more consistent learning atmosphere as well as a sense of commitment from all parties involved.