My love of music, according to my mother, has been present my whole life. She loved sharing the story with our friends and family about a family trip we all took into New York City to see a "child-friendly" program, put on by the NY Philharmonic. At this time, I was a little tike - a mere 2.5 years old. As the story goes, I sat quietly and attentively for the entirety of the performance...right in the very center of the aisle! I guess I was able to get a better view this way!

My piano teacher, Meredith Limmer, used to tell me that I began to play by ear by age 5. So as soon as I turned 6, I was able to begin lessons and learn how to read notes and the like. This began my wonderful musical journey. At age 12, I became increasingly interested in learning how to play numerous instruments. It was over the next several years, that I picked up the organ, flute, cello, guitar, and piccolo. What joy I felt being able to make music in so many ways!

After college was when I discovered the world of sacred music - from an occupational standpoint, that is. Sacred music was something that I had the privilege of being apart of with the help of my music mentor since age 12 - when I began organ lessons. Once I entered the "adult world," I began working as a director of music at a Catholic church in North Plainfield. It brought me such joy to direct choirs, train cantors, rehearse with great instrumentalists for special liturgies, and to work with the hispanic community to create culturally rich bilingual liturgies! It was at this point in my life, when I finally discovered my singing voice. This opened up so many new worlds for me!

Along the way, I had the honor and privilege of performing with exceptional musicians all over the state of New Jersey with the Tim Keyes Consort. These performances were often recorded live and mastered in my mentor's music studio for public sales. Many of the members of the TKC are professional musicians and music directors as well. It is so fulfilling for me to be able to interact and make music with such an incredible group of musicians under the leadership of my mentor, Tim Keyes.

It was during my time as a Director of Music in North Plainfield that my love of teaching piano was discovered. Several parents of my children's choir began to ask me if I gave lessons. Prior to this - I had never even considered it! So many wonderful, young children were begging for lessons. Once lessons began - it changed my life - and I haven't looked back since!

Please join me and let's create a new chapter together. Let's journey into the vast world of music. I can assure you - once you begin - you'll never look back!